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European Passport Application Process

Guide to reasons behind obtaining European citizenship

Large number of people is striving to become European citizens. Many non EU nationals want to acquire a passport from a top tier EU nation. European citizenship is highly sought after as it allows you to enjoy various benefits, such as- the right to move, settle and be employed all across the 27 EU member countries.  A passport from any one of the EU member countries gives you the right to move freely across any border in over two dozen countries, have access to visa-free travel. European countries have one of the best national healthcare systems in the world.  With EU citizenship, you get access of that too, at low or no cost. Such reasons have made European citizenship one of the most coveted.

As an EU citizen, you automatically gain the right to permanent residence in any of the EU countries with Citizensl citizenship and immigration services.

The governments of various European states has laid down simplified conditions and shortened terms for issuing passports and citizenship to foreign applicants.

European citizenship application process with Citizensl

  • Citizenship by Descent Application for citizenship through the descent method is the easiest and cheapest way to become a European citizen. For this, you need to have either parent, grandparents, or in some cases great grandparents who are/were born citizens of the European country.

  • Citizenship by Naturalization - Another common method to acquire European citizenship is the process of naturalization. This method takes time and effort. Each European country has its own set of rules and procedures to grant naturalized citizenship. In order to become a naturalized citizen, you first need to acquire permanent residency status.

  • Work - It is possible to qualify for residence if you manage to get a full-time job in any European country, start paying taxes and fulfil other basic criteria.  Usually, after 5-10 years, you become eligible to apply for citizenship. 

  • Marriage - Marrying an EU citizen also ensures a fast track process to residency and afterwards citizenship.  The timeline of the process followed can be significantly shortened in some European countries.

  • Business - Many European countries offer residency permits to those who start a business there.  However the criteria are usually strict for the same. For this, the applicant should physically reside in the country while they are going through the process.  Starting a business is a great way to make entry into the EU.

  • Investment - The final way to become a naturalized EU citizen is to do investment if you have the capacity. It's a sure and fast way to get your foot in the door with residency. Bulgarian citizenship offers such investment programs through which you can get residency.

Citizensl offers fastest procedure to attain European citizenship. Leave comments and questions in the mailbox to get feedback on the same.

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